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Upcoming Trainings

ELIXIR Estonia provides local and international training. We have been training researchers at University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, Institute Pasteur in Paris, and locally in Estonia. Internationally we train people how to use ELIXIR Estonia services in their research setting. Locally we train with hands-on courses in the life science community on various topics.

The courses for the second part of the year 2024 will be announced in August- September.

We are willing to train researchers on the following topics:

  • Python programming for beginners
  • RStudio for beginners
  • R Bioconductor
  • RStudio visualisations
  • Linux command line
  • g:Profiler toolset
  • Intro to Cytoscape
  • Nextflow
  • Tableau
  • Data visualisation (theory)

Data management-related training:

  • The FAIR Principles
  • Crash course into data management
  • Metadata and README files
  • Licensing
  • Cleaning Messy Data with OpenRefine software
  • How to write Data Management Plan