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Latest news and announcements

A Global Galaxy course Smörgåsbord is coming again! March 2022 GTN Smörgåsbord is a global 5-day Galaxy Training event showcasing a wide variety of Galaxy Training Network tutorials. This will be an online event, spanning all time zones. All training sessions are pre-recorded, so you can work through them at your own pace, and manage your... Read more
The FAIR Principles lecture - (registration closed) On the 31st of January, 2022, ELIXIR-Estonia will be holding an online data management course: The FAIR Principles. This lecture will be a short overview about the principles and is part of a bigger data management course package. In recent years, more attention is put on what... Read more
FAIR principles in life science research practice online seminar An online seminar on FAIR principles in life science research practice by ELIXIR Sweden and ELIXIR Neatherlands takes place on December 9th, 2021. The event is held in zoom, with pre-registration required. This online workshop will showcase how to put the FAIR principles into... Read more
ETAIS & ELIXIR seminar UT HPC Usage 101 18.11.2021 During this UT HPC Usage 101 lecture course we will provide the participants basic knowledge required to use to submit, monitor, and control jobs on the compute nodes of UT HPC. We will talk about the principles of computing in a cluster and the difference between computing... Read more
How to make your messy data usable? (registration closed) On the 25th of November 2021, ELIXIR-Estonia will be holding a new data management online course: How to make your messy data usable. The course will be held in English. This course will be in two parts: an 1 hour online lecture on what makes a data table usable for other people... Read more
ELIXIR Goal Estonian ELIXIR Node
The purpose of ELIXIR is to construct and operate a sustainable infrastructure for biological information in Europe to support life science research and its translation to medicine and the environment, the bio-industries and society. These resources include databases, software tools, training materials, cloud storage and supercomputers. The goal of ELIXIR is to coordinate these resources so that they form a single high quality infrastructure. This coordinated infrastructure makes it easier for researchers to find and share data, analyse their experiments, exchange knowledge, and agree on best practices. Estonia joined ELIXIR as a full member in December 2013. The Estonian node focuses on developing and maintaining software tools and databases, linking of bioinformatics and biobanking, and last but not least, training researchers across borders. Estonian ELIXIR Node is organised by the University of Tartu. Other partners are  Tallinn University of Technology and National Institute for Physics and Biophysics.