ELIXIR Estonia

ELIXIR - data for life

The purpose of ELIXIR is to construct and operate a sustainable infrastructure for biological information in Europe to support life science research and its translation to medicine and the environment, the bio-industries and society.

Estonia was a sixth country to sign the Memorandum of Understanding with ELIXIR. In the truly international manner a consortium agreement is being drafted, and Estonia was the fifth full member with it's own national node.

Activities of the national node focus on maintaining the tools and databases, linking of bioinformatics and biobanking, and last but not least, training across borders.

Estonia's activities in ESFRI activity of ELIXIR is supported by it's main life science related research institutions, the University of Tartu , Tallinn University of Technology , Estonian Biocenter , National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics, .


Partner groups

Training and technical coordinator:
Hedi Peterson
University of Tartu
Liivi 2, 50409 Tartu

Head of Node:
prof. Jaak Vilo
University of Tartu
Liivi 2, 50409 Tartu
e-mail: vilo@ut.ee

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