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Course in Zürich, Switzerland: Best Practices in Programming

If the answer to two or more of the following questions is “yes”, then this course is for you.

  • Do you write software to analyze data or implement in-silico models as part of your daily work?
  • Do you write scientific publications based on software you created yourself but do not know what unit testing, refactoring or version control are?
  • Are you writing code that you find hard to understand some weeks later?
  • Do you have thousands of lines of code, but no automated way of verifying that the code works correctly?
  • Do you find yourself regularly using “copy & paste” to re-use code you wrote earlier?
  • Do small changes in your code later cause trouble in other unexpected places?

Registration deadline: 17 June 2024

Date: 03 - 04 July 2024

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Course in Uppsala, Sweden: FAIR Training Material by Design

This course is composed of 7 sessions, based on the FAIR training handbook and 10 simple rules to make material FAIR publication. All sessions are structured in a way that complement each other aiming to introduce participants with a theoretical & hands-on approach of how to create FAIR material by design.

Registration: 11. April 2024 until 23- August 2024

Date: 18 - 19 September 2024

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Webinar: Data Analysis and Representation in Python

This 1-day course will introduce modules and recipes to unlock the potential of Python for day-to-day data exploration and analysis of real-life datasets. This course is addressed to life scientists, bioinformaticians and researchers who are familiar with writing Python code and core Python elements and would like to explore if further in their daily data wrangling and exploration tasks.

Registration deadline: 08 May 2024

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