The Estonian ELIXIR node offers various data analysis services and tools for the European and international user community. These include mainly tools, training and bioinformatics infrastructure that have applications across life science and biomedical fields.

Services included in the Service Delivery Plan

ClustVis Web tool for visualizing clustering of multivariate data

g:Profiler Gene list profiling, ID conversions, SNP mapping 

GraphWeb Tool for mining large biological networks. 

KEGGanim Visualisation of high-throughput data on biological pathway charts. 

MEM Large-scale query facilities for mining across hundreds of datasets 

MultiPLX Tool for grouping PCR primers by various compatibility criteria. 

Primer3 Program for designing PCR primers and oligos. 

SNPmasker Automatic masking of SNPs and repeats across eukaryotic genomes.    

















Training Hands-on training of the services mentioned above.

New emerging services developed by ELIXIR-Estonia

funcExplorer extracts the most significant biological features (GO annotations, Pathways etc) of a dataset

MethSurv A web tool to perform multivariable survival analysis using DNA methylation data

PAWER Software tool for analysing protein microarray data.