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Webinar by ELIXIR-IT: DisProt and MobiDB: Exploring Intrinsically Disordered Proteins and functional information

This course is designed to facilitate the dissemination of two major resources about the disordered protein, DisProt and MobiDB, both part of ELIXIR infrastructure, within the scientific community. Through this course, participants will gain fundamental insights into Intrinsically Disordered Proteins data interpretation, the correlation with specific biological mechanisms and diseases while learning about the essential guidelines for becoming active contributors to the extensive network of DisProt curators.

Deadline for applications: 15th April 2024

More Info and Registration

  • Time: 22th April 2024
  • Organiser: ELIXIR-IT, Italy
  • Price: Free
  • Limited places: 30



The workshop is open to all biological or biomedical PhD and Post-Doc research scientists, as well as team leaders and PIs.

Learning outcomes for the participants:

  • Access, navigate, and explore the wide range of DisProt and MobiDB data.
  • Understand the importance of curation.
  • Have the basics of how to curate a disordered protein or a disordered region in DisProt.


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