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Course at Luxembourg: Train the Trainer

This ELIXIR Train the Trainer (TtT) course is aimed at everyone who is interested in becoming a better teacher. In particular, this training is aimed at those who want to become a experienced ELIXIR instructor, run workshops and develop training materials. You don’t currently have to be an instructor or a teacher to attend this workshop, but you will be expected to be willing and committed to becoming one and to improve your teaching techniques.

Date: 3-5 July

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General information

  • Time: 3-5 July 2024
  • Location: Esch-sur-Alzette (Luxembourg)

Key topics

Four core topics form the basis of this ELIXIR TtT course structure:

  • Principles of learning and how they apply to training
  • Training techniques for enhancing learner engagement and participation
  • Design of engaging sessions, materials and courses
  • Assessment and feedback in training

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More Info and Registration