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Data visualisation (theory) - 5.04.2024, Zoom

This webinar will discuss why data visualisation is important and what we should consider when designing it. This means what chart type to pick, how much information to include, what (and how) to highlight, etc. The webinar will have a theoretical aspect, and we will assess real-life examples.

General info

  • Time: 5.04.2024 14:00-16:00
  • Type: webinar
  • Language: English
  • Duration: 2h
  • Location: Zoom, link will be given a few days before course
  • Audience: students, researchers
  • Lecturers: Diana Pilvar, MSc


In the course of their work, researchers encounter data in various forms. Yet, when data is presented in its raw, tabular form, it often appears as a complex puzzle. This can be incredibly overwhelming when dealing with large datasets. Fortunately, this is where the magic of data visualisation comes into play. The main idea is to extract the key insights from the data and craft a narrative around it. However, it’s important to note that hasty chart-making can lead to confusion. Poorly designed visuals risk misinterpretation and can be misleading. That’s why it’s crucial to approach data visualisation thoughtfully and precisely.

Learning outcomes for the participants:

  • Choose appropriate chart types
  • Avoid common mistakes in data visualisation
  • Maximise data-ink ratio

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