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Bring your own DMP workshop - 1.03.2024, Tartu

According to the Estonian Research Council funding agreement, all the projects that have started in 2022 have to submit a data management plan (DMP) within the first six months. Since this will be new for many researchers, ELIXIR Estonia will do a data management writing course. During the workshop, we will discuss the different aspects of the DMP and give more practical advice. There will be 3-4 30-minute writing sessions where you can write your DMP. Also, if you have any questions, the organiser will help you as best as they can.

General info

Can attend only with an invite from ETAg. These will be small groups of a maximum of 7 people.

  • Time: 1.03.2024 13:00-17:00
  • Type: Workshop
  • Language: English
  • Duration: 4h
  • Location: Delta building, Narva mnt 18 room 2049, Tartu
  • Audience: Data management plan writers.
  • Lecturers: Diana Pilvar, MSc

Learning outcomes for the participants

  • Describe the primary resources for data management
  • List of available resources that assist in writing the DMP
  • Explain what is needed to write in each section of the DMP


We ask you to register responsibly. If you can’t attend the lecture, please let us know as soon as possible via email (

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