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Course at Bern, Switzerland: Single-Cell Transcriptomics with R

Single-cell RNA sequencing (scRNAseq) allows researchers to study gene expression at the single cell level. For example, scRNAseq can help to identify expression patterns that differ between conditions within a cell-type. To generate and analyze scRNAseq data, several methods are available, all with their strengths and weaknesses depending on the researchers’ needs. This 3-day course will cover the main technologies as well as the main aspects to consider while designing a scRNAseq experiment. In addition, it will cover the theoretical background of analysis methods with hands-on practical data analysis sessions applied to droplet-based methods.

Application deadline: 06 March 2024

More Info and Registration

General information

This course is intended for life scientists and bioinformaticians familiar with “Next Generation Sequencing” who want to acquire the necessary skills to analyse scRNA-seq gene expression data.

  • Time: 18 - 20 March 2024
  • Location: Bern, Switzerland
  • Fees: The registration fees for academics are 300 CHF and 1500 CHF for for-profit companies.

Learning objectives

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • distinguish advantages and pitfalls of scRNAseq
  • design their own scRNA-seq experiment
  • apply a downstream analysis using R



  • Participants should already have a basic knowledge in Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) techniques, or have already followed the “NGS - Quality control, Alignment, Visualisation”.
  • Knowledge in RNA sequencing is mandatory.
  • Basic knowledge of R is required.


Attendees should have a Wi-Fi enabled computer. An online R and RStudio environment will be provided. However, in case you wish to perform the practical exercises on your own computer, please take a moment to install the following before the course:

  • R version > 4.2.
  • Latest RStudio version, the free version is perfectly fine.

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More Info and Registration