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Licensing Research Outputs lecture - 27.09.2022

On the 27th of September 2022, ELIXIR-Estonia will hold a new data management lecture: Licensing Research Outputs. The course will be held in English. 

While doing scientific research, you handle different kinds of research outputs, whether they are produced by you or by somebody else. So, how can you ensure that other people will give you credit when using your produced materials? And how will you know how exactly you can use the resources produced by others? This is a topic that copyright laws handle. 

This lecture will cover what copyright laws do, who has the rights to the materials, and how you can use them. Most of this information is protected with licenses, whether they are meant for figures, data, or software. This lecture will discuss what licenses to use for different materials and what each license covers (this means how people can use the materials). We will also show how exactly you can apply a license to your research outputs. 


Information about the lecture

Lecture: 27th of September, 2022 at 14:15 (lecture, 2h)

Place: Delta Building, r1022 (Narva mnt 18), TARTU

Register: CLOSED

Registration closes at 23:59 on 22.09.2022 or when the course gets full.


Learning outcomes for the participants: 

  • Knows what items need a license
  • Knows the restrictions on licensing a dataset
  • Knows what licenses to use for what research output
  • Knows how to apply a license to a research output practically


F2F lectures will take place at the Delta building in Tartu (Narva mnt 18, Tartu). 

Parking: You can park for free for 3h in the parking lot of the University of Tartu Academic Sports Club. 

We do ask you to register for the lecture responsibly. If you can’t attend the course, please let us know as soon as possible via email at