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Take part in a Data Management Practices survey

We are inviting all Estonian research community members to take part in a survey about the current data management practices in Estonia.


EDIT: The survey will remain open until 10th of October, 2021. 

The survey will remain open until at least the end of July (July 31st, 2021) 10th of October 2021 and should take approximately 30 minutes to fill out. We will randomly pick a couple of lucky people who have participated in the survey to win a goodie bag from us. The survey can be found here: 

For the last couple of years, data management has gained more and more attraction, both in Estonia and Europe. The Data Management Plan is becoming mandatory for European projects. Similarly, it is recommended to keep your research and research outputs as open as possible.  One of ELIXIR’s goals is to help standardise life science data management across Europe, although this is not just needed for life sciences but all the fields of science.

I, Heleri Inno, am a new data manager for ELIXIR Estonia at the University of Tartu, Institute of Computer Science. Our goal at ELIXIR Estonia is to standardise and help researchers manage their data, no matter the field. For this, we plan to start providing researchers with more specific guides (lectures, courses, posters) on making your data (and work) more open and reusable by others. However, we need to know the current data management practices in Estonia and what help is required. To get the baseline, we created a survey to get to know the current data management practices and opinions on this subject in Estonia. A somewhat similar job has been done previously, so we will additionally use this survey to compare how the data management practices have changed over the years.

We would be most grateful if you could find some time in your busy schedule to fill out the survey. Filling out the survey should take approximately 30 minutes. No question is mandatory, and there are also extra spaces so you can give your opinion on the subject. The survey is open for all the research community members in Estonia until at least the end of July (July 31st, 2021) 10th of October, 2021.

Also, to show our gratitude for participating in the survey, we will randomly choose some lucky winners to win goodies from ELIXIR Estonia and the University of Tartu. There will be an additional link at the end of the survey, so who wishes to participate in the lottery can do that.