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Unix Shell Basics training course March 3rd

Advanced computing power is hidden away in clouds/cluster/supercomputers that you do not have click and point access. As a general rule these high performance computer resources use Linux operating systems and are accessible only by a shell terminal.

This course is aimed to provide basic survival skills in Linux and terminal environment. We will teach you how to access files and folders, move around and hopefully shake off the fear of getting stuck somewhere along the way.


  • Obtain basic knowledge on dealing with files using command line (Linux or Mac)
  • Learn how to use search over several text files, combine files, extract certain knowledge.
  • Master tips and tricks for effective command line hacks that would save a lot of time.

Lecture venue is computer class with linux computers. In case you bring your own Windows laptop, please make sure to install Putty application ( beforehand.


The course is full!

March 3, 2020

Auditorium 2005 (the Linux classroom)
UT Delta Centre
Narva mnt 18
51009 Tartu

NB! Two weeks later we will run an Unix Shell Advanced course for people who have already basic knowledge.