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Weekly news 18.03.2019

The first ELIXIR Bioinformatics Supplier Forum will take place in London on 7 May 2019. The programme and registration are available through the ELIXIR webiste.

The ELIXIR Innovation and SME Forum took place on 5 March in Stockholm, Sweden. The topic was Genomics and Associated Data in National Healthcare Initiatives, the presentations of Illumina, Genomics England, AstraZeneca and others. The photos and slides are now available online.

The BioHackathon2019 call for hacking projects is now open and will close on 7 April. Submission of proposals will be coordinated through Easychair bh2019 and if you have any questions please contact Jen Harrow ( 

If your role involves the management, storage, transformation and annotation of data in order to answer biological questions, take part in an online survey to map the landscape of biocuration, the resources and tools used and the training that is available and required.

Registrations are open for the Bioinformatics Education Summitaimed at bioinformatics trainers and educators. The event will take place in Cape Town, South Africa, 14-17 May 2019 and is being organised by H3ABioNet in collaboration with ELIXIR, GOBLET and the ISCB Education Committee. The meeting will focus on developing guidelines and materials for bioinformatics trainers.

Registrations are open for four SIB courses:

Registrations are open for the ELIXIR Software Carpentry in Ljubljana on 16-17 May 2019. The workshop is organised by ELIXIR Slovenia in cooperation with Data & Software Carpentry and will focus on the basics of the R programming language. There is no registration fee. The limit of participants is 20.

University of Ljubljana and the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport in Slovenia is organizing a Symposium Systems Medicine in Clinical Practice under the ERA-NET initiative ERACoSysMed. Ljubljana, Slovenia, 10-11 June 2019. Registration is open!

Registrations are open for the course PDA19 - Proteomics Data Analysis on 1-5 April 2019 with Lennart Martens, Harald Barsnes and Lieven Clement. The deadline for applications is on 25 March.

Registrations are open for the ELIXIR Greece Carpentries workshop, June 3-4, at the National Hellenic Research Foundation in Athens Greece. The course will address core concepts on Unix, Git and Data Analysis and Visualization in R.

Registrations are open for the course, Summer School - Bioinformatics for Biologists: An introduction to Data Exploration, Statistics and Reproducibility, 1-5 July 2019, Cambridge, UK.  The course will focus on solutions around handling biological data and will cover introductory lessons in data manipulation and visualisation in R, statistical analyses, and reproducibility.  The Registration is now open!

Registrations are open for the ELIXIR-UK course Transcriptome Analysis for Non-Model Organisms, April 15-17, Cambridge, UK. This course provides an overview of modern applications of transcriptome sequencing and popular tools, and algorithms, for exploring transcript reconstruction and expression analysis in a genome-free manner.

Registrations are open for the Genome assembly and annotation course 5, to take place in Milan, Italy, on 1-5 July 2019. The course is organized by ELIXIR Italy in cooperation with ELIXIR France, Sweden and Slovenia.

Registrations are now open for the ELIXIR Finland course Variant analysis with GATK on 14-17 May 2019 in Espoo, Finland.

ELIXIR Luxembourg is running its annual R tidyverse course in Luxembourg, May 14-17, 2019. In this four day course, D1 and D2 are devoted to introduction to the basic tidyverse packages, D3 are advanced topics and changes, D4 is BYOD/project work. Registration is open!

Registrations are open for the ELIXIR Belgium workshop on Computing skills for reproducible research: Software Carpentry on 16-17 April 2019 in Brussels, Belgium.

Registrations are open for two HPC workshops in Utrecht Netherlands, organised by ELIXIR Netherlands and SURFsara: Cluster Computing for Life Sciences on 23-24 April 2019 and Deep Learning for Life Sciences on 9 May 2019.