ELIXIR Estonia provides local and international training. Locally we train with hands-on courses the life science community on variety of topics. Internationally we train people how to use ELIXIR Estonia services in their own research setting. 

We have been training researchers at University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, Institute Pasteur in Paris and locally in Estonia.

We are willing to train researchers on the following topics: Python programming for biologists, RNA-seq analysis, R basics, R bioconductor, R visualisations, Linux command line, MEM tool, g:Profiler toolset, Clustvis data visualisation, data integration, Intro to Cytoscape, Primer design.

Upcoming training events in 2022:

31.01.2022 / 02.02.2022 The FAIR Principles (ZOOM)


Planned but yet to be scheduled:

  • How to make your messy data usable? (2022)
  • How to write a good metadata and README file (2022)
  • Personal data in data management (2022)
  • Data Stewardship wizard introduction (2022)
  • Data licensing (2022)
  • How to write your DMP - BYOD workshop (2022)
  • How to organise your files BYOD workshop 
  • Data storage in Estonia
  • Data literacy/vizualisation
  • OpenRefine advanced
  • Data collection with google surveys
  • Nextflow advanced
  • Git UI 
  • Containers
  • R visualisations using ggplot
  • Javascript tricks
  • Galaxy

Past training events (since 2018):

18.11.2021 UT HPC Usage 101 (ZOOM)

22.-23.11.2021 Nextflow basics course (F2F)

25.11.2021 How to make your messy data usable? (ZOOM)

27.09.2021 FAIR principles lecture in Estonian (F2F)

28.09.2021 Unix Shell Basics training course (F2F)

05.10.2021 Unix Shell Advanced training course (F2F)

14.10.2021 FAIR principles lecture in English (F2F)

19.10.2021 Unix Shell Advanced training course (F2F)

28.10.2021 Nextflow Helper Training (by invitation only)

Unix Shell Basics training course, March 3 2020

GDPR seminars, September 2019

Gallantries Galaxy 101 and RNAseq analysis, October 7-9 2019

Code refinery workshop, April 2-4 2019

Software carpentry workshop, January 17-18 2019

Boost your bioinformatics backchat, December 17th 2018

ELIXIR Info Day, December 14th 2018

Data management mini workshop, December 13th 2018

Sensitive data handling knowledge exchange round table, December 13th 2018 

Train the trainer refreshment, December 12th 2018

Data carpentry workshop, November 19-20 2018

Our instructors:

ELIXIR train the trainer course alumni:

Priit Adler

Reidar Andreson

Liis Kolberg

Ivan Kuzmin

Heleri Inno


Training ELIXIR Node services:

Priit Adler

Reidar Andreson

Liis Kolberg 

Hedi Peterson


Certified Data and Software carpentry instructors:

Dmytro Fishman

Nurlan Kerimov

Liis Kolberg

Elena Sügis