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Weekly news 02.12.2019

Galaxy have loaded fully consented genome sequences from 10 individuals from the Personal Genomes Project (PGP) along with transcriptomic and methylomic data in collaboration with PGP to facilitate training within the platform. These data are open and available to be looked at within Galaxy and please feedback to if you require specific analysis on this data.

The ELIXIR Tools Platform published a paper "Towards FAIR principles for research software". The paper analyses how FAIR principles can be applied to software, as opposed to data. It also explores whether existing FAIR principles can be applied directly to software, or where they need to be adapted or reinterpreted. This publication coincides with the launch of website, which provides recommendations on ways to improve the quality and reproducibility of software.

The programme of SIB training courses for 2020 is now online. Over 20 courses are already planned, and lots more are yet to come!  The topics covered span areas such as NGS and other omics data analysis, single-cell, statistics, programming, machine learning, and several SIB resources.