g:Profiler latest article reached 1000 citations!

The g:Profiler team from ELIXIR Estonia is celebrating. The latest update article of our g:Profiler enrichment analysis and gene list conversion toolkit published in NAR on July 2nd, 2019 reached 1000 citations on July 27th 2021. We are truly happy that we have had a chance to help so many reasearchers across the world in carrying out their research. 

g:Profiler https://biit.cs.ut.ee/gprofiler/ most popular tools are GOSt for enrichment analysis and g:Convert for translating between different gene/protein/transcript/probe identifiers. Both of these tools receive millions of queries per year. We also have g:Orth that enables translating identifiers between species and g:SNPense that annotates provides for SNP RS-ids chromosomal coordinates and predicted variant effect for SNPs that lie in protein coding genes.

g:Profiler relies heavily on ENSEMBL and ENSEMBL Genomes databases and we follow their data relase cycle. This ensures that our users have always the latest data at their service. g:Profiler includes data for 714 different species and for the largest organisms we support more than 200 different identifier types. We have kept all data releases since summer 2011 and these are available from https://biit.cs.ut.ee/gprofiler/page/archives

We also support custom datasets for researchers whose organisms are not supported by ENSEMBL or ENSEMBL Genomes or Wormbase Parasite or who want to do enrichment analysis using their own knowledgebase that goes beyond the Gene Ontology, KEGG, Reactome, Wikipathays, Transfac, miRTarBase, Human Phenome Ontology, Human Protein Atlas, CORUM that are already included in g:Profiler.

We are welcome user requests and development ideas either out our website or directly to our biit.support@ut.ee email. Your feedback helps us to keep improving and providing the best service for the life science community!