The Estonian ELIXIR node is providing the following services:

  ClustVis Web tool for visualizing clustering of multivariate data
  g:Profiler Gene list profiling, ID conversions, SNP mapping
  KEGGanim Visualisation of high-throughput data on biological pathway charts.
  GraphWeb Tool for mining large biological networks.
  MEM Large-scale query facilities for mining across hundreds of datasets
  MultiPLX Tool for grouping PCR primers by various compatibility criteria.
  Primer3 Program for designing PCR primers and oligos.
  SNPmasker Automatic masking of SNPs and repeats across eukaryotic genomes.
  Training Hands-on training of the services mentioned above.


Partner groups

Training and technical coordinator:
Hedi Peterson
University of Tartu
Liivi 2, 50409 Tartu

Head of Node:
prof. Jaak Vilo
University of Tartu
Liivi 2, 50409 Tartu

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